Summit Studio

who we are

img_0619The staff of Summit Studio has successfully planned, designed, and provided consulting services on an assortment of historic and sustainable projects. We specialize in thoughtful design rather than a narrowly focused market and believe that thoughtful creativity can respond to any design need

We are a collaborative team of professionals helping our clients balance the visionary with the realistic. We design program and budget, materials and building forms, circulation and space, to best reflect the intention and spirit of our clients and the sites they will occupy. We seek to achieve firmness through designs of substance that withstand stylistic changes and the wear and tear of daily use. Commodity is sought through designs that are beautifully functional and ecologically responsible. Delight in our designs comes from the creative aesthetic coupling of every detail of the design and process it takes to get there.

We know that architecture is not simply about concrete and steel, glass and wood, or budgets and schedules; it is about people. No project is successful, no matter how beautiful the design, if the people involved or who occupy the space are left unfulfilled. This conviction keeps us asking the question about design, “What is the intention?”

Sometimes the answer to the question is as simple as a financial equation. We know how to construct a development proforma and assist our clients in developing budgets that are project and life-cycle based, not just construction budgets.

Other times the answer to the question results in a complex strategy of community input and public engagement that creates buildings in which the community finds the realization of their ideals.

Above all, we are problem solvers. Our strength lies in concerted and deliberate investigation into a client’s unique issues and intentions and then producing the best possible solution. Frequently these unique opportunities manifest themselves in rehabilitation and urban design projects, which constitutes the majority of our work. We see rehabilitation as a cornerstone of sustainable design; recycling buildings as well as building materials.