Summit Studio


philosophyDesign for Life

Designing sustainable environments that enrich the lives of our clients and those whom they serve.

Summit Studio is small by choice, in order to provide sophisticated design and personal attention for people who care.  We design for people who want their project carefully considered—good design knows no type, and we do not specialize in any typology.  Anyone whose life is affected by a building has a stake in the making of it—at least that’s how we see it. Figuring out what these individuals want is the first big challenge of architecture. That is why we creatively involve all stakeholders up front. Not that we design by committee, but we need to know all the ways in which a building is going to affect people’s lives.  We see architecture as one big, long collaboration. Our clients want to be involved, they want the process to be great, but they also want their buildings to be art that enriches the daily lives of people.  This is our goal and our process.

Many companies seek projects. Summit Studio seeks long-term relationships with selected clients. This imparts the way we think and the way we work.  Nothing builds support and trust faster than performance – doing what we say we will do.  Envision a delivery process that maximizes value and minimizes surprises through strong teamwork and service orientation.

A Client-Centered Design Process has resulted in a diverse array of projects including:

Imperial Center for the Arts and Sciences
Warehouse Row Business Center
The Roanoke Higher Education Center
The Stonewall Jackson Hotel
204 Jefferson Condominiums
Beth Israel Synagogue
Albemarle Apartments
Our Health Phase II